Accident Management

Whilst we make every effort to help keep our clients drivers as safe as possible, unfortunately, accidents do happen.

Accident Management

In order to minimise the affects it is important to have a strategy that:

  • Notifies stakeholders immediately of an incident.
  • Arranges onward travel/ keeps your drivers mobile asap.
  • Starts the claims process immediately.
  • Avoids expensive credit hire vehicles where possible.
  • Has the vehicle damage inspected and repair approved within hours.
  • Tracks the repair process to ensure the vehicle is back on the road as soon as possible, reducing downtime and minimising hire bills.

Once the accident has been repaired and everyone is back  on the road:

  • Actively pursues Uninsured Losses.
  • Provide analysis of the reasons for accidents, identify regular offenders, and agree appropriate strategy to reduce the incidence of claims.
  • Work with your insurers and brokers to reduce premiums.

CBVC and our partners have you covered at all times.