Fantastic Support, Friendly & Personable

Clear reporting making things easier

Supporting a new Fleet Manager with a system that provides clarity on what needs to be actioned.

Fantastic Support, Friendly & Personable

Coming into a fleet role with no previous experience, CBVC was particularly helpful when it came to planning my time and keeping on top of what needed doing, when. Working in the veterinary industry means that routine maintenance has to be planned around the staff members’ work diaries, and the traffic light system makes this task much easier. I can see what vehicles are coming up in the next few months and plan the work out accordingly so that the routine stuff makes the smallest interruption possible.

With friendly and personable staff, CBVC personnel have always come across as easy to approach and willing to help with even the silliest sounding questions. I’ve been working in my position for 18 months now, and CBVC has provided a fantastic support when it comes to managing our fleet which has helped my own confidence and ability grow.

Carol Forrester

Fleet Administrator
UK Farm Vets