Reliance High-Tech and CBVC

Providing a fully outsourced Fleet Management solution

Running a fully compliant corporate and grey fleet and making it easy for drivers and the customer.

Reliance High-Tech and CBVC

With a fleet of 90 vehicles including Greyfleet, we did not have sufficient vehicles to justify appointing a full time Fleet Manager or invest in support IT systems. Yet there were sufficient costs and risks to require qualified professional input. From the outset we were clear we wanted a partner to add value and proactively manage our drivers and fleet. We know we are not fleet managers, but equally understand our Duty of Care to our employees and the benefits of a well-managed fleet.

We were referred to CBVC Vehicle Management and were impressed by their  “One Stop Shop” offering for all our fleet and driver needs, whether supply, finance, rental, maintenance management, expenses management, accident management, P11d production, Driving Licence Checks, MID submission, Congestion Charge Management and Greyfleet – something much larger companies seemed to lack unless you were operating 500+ vehicles.

Of particular attraction was their “One Number” driver support line. Drivers literally have one telephone number to access all vehicle services whether maintenance, breakdowns, rentals, or accidents, irrespective of how a vehicle has been acquired or operated, short term or long term.

CBVC are focused on simplification and obtaining consistently competitive pricing. We have access to the best market rates via different funders and suppliers and are able to benefit from some of the cheapest lease deals, irrespective of the funder, and get consistent contact and service levels to our drivers.

We understand the benefits of engaging drivers in the selection process and taking psychological ownership of their vehicles. So when we were due to review our Engineering Fleet, CBVC arranged for a test drive day where a pre-approved selection of 4 vehicles were tested by a representative group of our drivers. The day included loading them with our equipment, driving a circuit which tested all aspects of the driver experience and importantly for us, actual fuel consumption running fully laden. That was over 2 years ago and CBVC have since become our in house experts with an approachable team offering a First Class, responsive and personal service.

CBVC’s system also enables us to achieve HMRC compliance in respect of driver mileage claims. We are working with CBVC to automate this further for the benefit of our drivers.

The CBVC system is user friendly and constantly updated, so we can access our fleet information at any time. Monthly reporting highlights drivers or vehicles operating outside agreed standards and is supported through face to face meetings with our account managers.

For the future CBVC share our drive to reduce costs by automation, smarter purchasing and engaging drivers in best practice to obtain the most economical, relevant, safest result for all. We would not hesitate in recommending CBVC to anyone looking to outsource their fleet management.

Andrew Kerr

Financial Director,
Reliance High-Tech