Re-Lease Used Vehicle Leasing

“Can we lease a used car?” a question we have been asked literally thousands of times over the years.

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Re-Lease Used Vehicle Leasing

Whilst we have been able to offer a lease on demonstrators and pre-registered vehicle it has not been possible through our panel funders, until now.

We are now delighted to offer “re-lease” on carefully selected cars and vans from one of our top funders, who have in excess of 150,000 vehicle under management in the UK. Rather than dispose of 2 year old cars through traditional auctions, if they are in good condition and usually under 30,000 miles, we can offer a further lease.

The vehicles have been owned by the funder from new, and therefore are the classic “one owner”  and have a:

  • A known provenance
  • Service History
  • Large amount of depreciation has already been paid

These vehicles are offered to Business Users on Business Contract Hire Agreements and individuals on Personal Contract Hire agreements. In uncertain times, they can be supplied on  12 or 24 month agreements and this shorter period offers a flexible alternative to longer term agreements. If you add full maintenance and an insured lease, all you need to do is add fuel!

Just add fuel and off you go – ask for Re-Lease with Total Care for a fully insured lease with huge fringe benefits, all in one monthly payment.

For more information contact Richard James at CBVC on 01283 351200 or email