Vehicle Selection

It is vitally important that the vehicles on your fleet are “fit for purpose” and reflect your corporate aspirations and attitudes.

Vehicle Selection

You also have a responsibility of duty of care for your drivers and ensuring the vehicles they drive are properly maintained and reliable.

To provide the most accurate cost of running your fleet, we use “Whole Life Cost” modeling. This takes into consideration all the factors that makes the cost profile of a vehicle, such as:

  • Discounted cash price
  • Cost of financing, whether internal cost of funds, Hire Purchase, Contract Hire, or Finance Lease costs
  • Forecast Maintenance or Fixed Cost maintenance
  • Fuel consumption, modelled on realistic in use data i.e. vans running fully laden or cars used in cities
  • Insurance cost
  • Employers NI
  • Manufacturers CO2 and Employees BIK
  • Corporation Tax

Our Whole Life Cost modelling defines which vehicles and funding methods are the most cost effective for your drivers and for your business.

We use sophisticated costing and analysis tools that make vehicle selection simple and consistent. Through the direct relationships we have with most manufacturers, we can negotiate additional discounts for you. Our knowledge of new technologies, such as Electric, Plug-in hybrid and Hybrid vehicles, allows us to best advise you and your drivers suitability, practicality and cost.