Vehicle Tracking and Telematics

We offer one of the most sophisticated Tracking systems available in the market which delivers you the following benefits:

Vehicle Tracking and Telematics

Driver Benefits:

  • Private and professional trips validation- significantly reduces time doing mileage and trip returns
  • Better driving, behaviour change
  • Increased safety
  • Detailed statistics on own performance
  • Can view behaviour scores in Driver app

Business Benefits:

We integrate the tracking data into our fleet management systems and provide a “Full picture” on driver management. We have tested many systems and are continually in touch with cutting edge developments. We sift the BIG Data to deliver the important information identifying events outside agreed performance standards. As Tracking is only part of our business we can deliver at substantially lower price point than standalone businesses.

Now widely deployed in business fleets, vehicle tracking ensures that the vehicles are being used properly, safely and as efficiently as possible. It is useful for:

  • Reduce Accidents
  • Locating delivery/emergency vehicles.
  • Finding the nearest service engineer to a call out.
  • Assisting safety of lone drivers.
  • Scheduling deliveries.
  • Locating stolen vehicles (these are however not full insurance trackers).
  • HMRC compliance.

The telematics data can be combined with fuel card data to provide even more comprehensive driver insight.